Spiritual Care & Education

The Department of Spiritual Care and Values Integration at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality pastoral care to our patients, families, staff and community. The department plays an integral role in providing holistic, interdisciplinary care and is recognized as the foundation for the hospital's spiritual environment of caring. Regardless of your religion or faith, we strive to provide you with the resources you need to fulfill your spiritual needs with excellence.

Spiritual Care services are available 24/7.

To let us know how we can help provide pastoral care for you, you can notify a nurse, call the Department of Spiritual Care, email fbcommunitysupport@houstonmethodist.org or call  281.274.7164.

Spiritual Care Team
Support Activities

On-Campus Resources

The Department of Spiritual Care desires to provide you with excellent spiritual attention during your stay in our facility. Our staff chaplains, on-call clergy, volunteer lay ministers, Holy Communion ministers and CanCare volunteers offer 24-hour pastoral support and spiritual resources. Bibles (in English, Spanish and six additional languages) and other sacred texts are available.

Chaplains are prepared to assist with prayer, anxiety and depression counseling, grief and loss counseling, sacraments and religious rituals, family meetings, assistance with contacting community clergy, relating religious needs to the medical team, and general spiritual support. If you are in need of pastoral assistance, please contact us. 

Care Notes 
Care Notes are available to patients, families and staff, and include various titles related to faith, spirituality and health care. Care Notes are located near the door of the Sweetwater Pavilion Chapel. 

Holy Communion 
If you would like to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion, please contact us. 

Meditation Rooms 
Prayer chapels are located on the second floor of the Main Pavilion near the surgical waiting area, and on the first floor of the Sweetwater Pavilion near the patient elevators. The Muslim prayer room is located on the first floor of the Sweetwater Pavilion near MOB 2. All meditation rooms are open 24 hours. 

Prayer Requests 
If you would like to invite a chaplain to pray with you in the hospital, please let us know. 

Wesley Ministry 
The Wesley Ministry is a lay volunteer program within the Department of Spiritual Care at Houston Methodist Sugar Land. Wesley ministers are trained pastoral caregivers who work under the supervision of the chaplain, using their gifts and graces to serve as reminders of God's love to patients and the families who visit them in the hospital. 

Support Activities


A network of trained volunteers including cancer survivors, family members of cancer survivors and medical professionals who provide emotional support to patients with all types and stages of cancer during their stay with us. They share a wealth of information, covering available resources and support services. 
By appointment, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, 281.274.7164

Breast Cancer Support
Meetings provide encouragement, practical suggestions and a hopeful environment for women and men, caregivers and patients whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. Details are available through the Department of Spiritual Care. 
Monthly, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, 281.274.7164

Grief Support Group
The Grief Support Group, a four-week series, is designed to help participants learn about grief and understand more fully the impact that grief has on survivors. Facilitated by the Department of Spiritual Care, the series is open to people of all faiths and provides a safe, welcoming environment where individuals can find support and share experiences.
Twice a year, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, 281.274.7164

Powerful Tools for Caregivers
Designed to help and educate family and friends caring for older adults with long-term health conditions. This six-week course is held each fall and spring, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Sweetwater Pavilion Chapel. To register or for more information, contact the Spiritual Care Department.
Weekly during spring and fall, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Sugar Land, 281.274.7164 

Our Team 


Shawn Bowman, Baptist, Office Coordinator 
“God has gifted each of us uniquely, and God desires that we use those gifts to honor Him. At Houston Methodist Sugar Land, a heart of compassion runs upstream — we give freely to those we come into contact with.” 

Karen Platt, Baptist, Associate Staff Chaplain 
“When God gave me the opportunity to work as a Chaplain at Houston Methodist Sugar Land, I knew this was my calling, and I am blessed every day as I visit patients and share God’s love and grace with them.” 

Thong Lun, D.Min., Cooperative Baptist, PRN Staff Chaplain 
“I always give thanks to God for opening a space for me to serve as a spiritual caregiver to patients, families and employees at Houston Methodist Sugar land, the most friendly work environment in Houston.” 

Ulahannan Thazhuthoottu (Sister Betsy), Roman Catholic, PRN Staff Chaplain 
“I enjoy having the freedom to provide compassionate care for our patients and to help them with their spiritual needs.” 

Father Ken Skillern, Anglican, PRN Staff Chaplain 
“I truly believe that I am answering God’s call in serving patients, families and staff at Houston Methodist Sugar Land.” 

Nancy Penney, Church of Christ, Associate PRN Staff Chaplain 
“Our Spiritual Care Department gives me a way to blend my previous experiences in support group leadership, church ministry, teaching and parenting to serve our hospital and local community.” 

Carlos Jones, Baptist, Associate PRN Staff Chaplain 
“I enjoy working at Houston Methodist Sugar Land because it is an honor and privilege to work with patients at such a significant time in their lives.”