Billing Information at Clear Lake Hospital

What to expect following your experience at Houston Methodist

Upon being admitted or receiving services, the patient or patient´s legal representative can accrue billing from the hospital, the patient's physicians, and affiliated physician groups that may provide facility-based services to the patient. These affiliated groups of facility-based physicians include Houston Methodist Pathology Associates for lab services, Houston Radiology Associated for diagnostics (e.g., x-rays), U.S. Acute Care Solutions – Travis County Emergency Physicians, PA for Emergency Department services, Mastos Imaging for Breast Care Center services, and U.S. Anesthesia Partners for anesthesiologists.

Houston Methodist
PO Box 4315
Houston, TX  77210-4315

Houston Methodist Pathology Associates
PO Box 4701 
Houston, TX 77210-4701 

Houston Radiology Associated
2190 North Loop West, Suite 250
Houston, TX 77018-8129
346.576.4617 - Patient Services
346.576.4083 - Fax


Please note the following

  • Our affiliates and other facility-based physicians bill and collect independently for their services, and they may not participate in the same insurance plans as Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital
  • You may receive a bill from a facility-based physician for the amount unpaid by your insurance plan
  • You may request a full list of facility-based physicians who have been granted medical staff privileges
  • You may also request information from facility-based physicians on whether or not they have an agreement with your insurance plan(s) and under what circumstances you may be billed for amounts not paid by your insurance plan(s)