Internal Medicine Residency

2020-2021 Group Photo

Houston Methodist’s philosophy when it comes to our internal medicine residency is being able to balance education and service to optimize your learning experience. We are especially proud of the many unique features, such as our exemplary faculty, the hands-on training and the opportunities to further your professional vision every day, which make our program stand out among all the others.


Program Overview

The optimally-sized Internal Medicine Residency program, with 51 categorical residents, thrives in our world-renowned Houston Methodist facilities located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, where education and service responsibilities are indeed balanced. Throughout the period of training, our residents are exposed to the full gamut of medical patients during times spent on the University Teaching Service (UTS), subspecialty rotations, intensive care units (ICUs) and ambulatory clinics. The program’s size allows for significant interaction with nationally-recognized faculty with excellence in teaching and research.  Houston Methodist provides a wide array of research opportunities in a state-of the-art facility. Simulation training at the Houston Methodist Institute of Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIESM) lab is also available to enhance your educational experience. Excellence in teaching, research and patient care are just some of the many exceptional features of our Internal Medicine Residency program.

Program Highlights
Boot Camp
In addition to general orientation, all new residents will participate in an intense week-long, educationally-based orientation fondly referred to as “Boot Camp.” This experience not only reaffirms basic skills and knowledge learned in medical school, but also prepares residents for clinical duties. It provides new residents with the tools necessary to excel as they embark on their new journey at Houston Methodist. Through carefully selected didactic sessions and hands-on experiences, residents are exposed to the essentials of patient care and procedures that they will soon encounter on the hospital wards. For several weeks following Boot Camp, the Core Lecture Series (Emergency Lecture Series) will be held daily during noon conference and will cover other important topics managed frequently by medical residents.
Mentorship Program
Key internal medicine faculty members serve as mentors for each resident. They routinely meet on a quarterly basis and mentors are available to residents at any time to discuss issues ranging from careers or fellowship advice to personal problems. Our mentors are frequently called upon to provide guidance in obtaining research experience, to assist the resident in preparation for fellowship applications or to support with other career goals. The goal of this program is to develop and maintain a long-term mentoring relationship to provide support in all areas of career and professional development.

MITIE Lab and Simulation
The Houston Methodist Institute of Technology, Innovation & Education (MITIE) is an educational skills laboratory used for training residents in a variety of clinical procedures and scenarios. Our residents are first exposed to simulation during Boot Camp where they spend a half-day practicing skills, including ultrasound-guided line placement, EKG interpretation, pelvic/Pap smears, arthrocentesis, arterial blood gas draw, peripheral blood smears and critical decision-making using a high-tech SimMan. Later in their training, residents return to the MITIE lab intermittently to practice code training in preparation for running the Code Blue Team.

Research Opportunities
Residents can spend up to two months during their residency training participating in research projects of their own selection. Houston Methodist offers an ideal environment for scientists and clinicians to come together with common goals of discovery and improving patient care. Over 690 clinical trials spread throughout nine departments (cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation and epigenetics, diabetes and metabolic disease, infectious disease, neurosciences, transplantation biology, genomic medicine, and tissue engineering and regenerative medicine) are ongoing. Research mentors are available to help residents find opportunities in areas that most closely match their interests.  Search our faculty >

Excellence in Teaching
Internal medicine residents at Houston Methodist are privileged to work one-on-one with leaders in their respective fields during numerous rotations, many of whom have been teaching residents and students for more than 20 years. We also have an Academic Hospitalist Team whose main focus is on teaching inpatient medicine, while attending on the University Teaching Service. The availability of these hospitalists really makes a difference when teaching procedures, leading family discussions and improving the length of patient stays. Whether our residents go on to become subspecialists, hospitalists or primary care physicians, Houston Methodist is committed to providing the education needed to graduate as top-notch internists.

Educational Conferences
A variety of interactive conferences are held regularly, including Morning Report, Morbidity/Mortality, Business of Medicine/Virtual Practice, Autopsy, Board Review, Medical Jeopardy Game, Quality Improvement/Patient Safety, Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine conferences. Many of these conferences use audience response technology to improve the interaction and make learning more enjoyable and efficient. Residents are able to demonstrate and polish presentation skills, gaining the confidence of a leader in their field.

Scholarly Activities
Houston Methodist emphasizes the pursuit of research, including publications and presentations, and residents are able to work together with our well-recognized research mentors on projects. Many of our residents present their work at important meetings and have been very successful in having their work published, as illustrated by the list of scholarly activity below.