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Sheedy | Heather and Mike Simpson | Carolyn Lawson Sims and William Sims | Michelle and Alan Smith | David and Sandy Smith | Madison Smith | Susie and Tommy Smith | Lynette and Trey Snider | Ann and Jerry Snyder | Sandra S. Spencer | Jodie and Cullen Spitzer | Kathy and John Stanton | Sharon Werlin Staton | Mr. Steinberg and Mr. Van Koolbergen | Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Stepanian | Mr. and Mrs. C. Jim Stewart III | Elizabeth and John Stiver | The Linda & Jerry Strickland Family Foundation, Linda, Patia, Whitney Strickland and Steve Rothbauer | Roxane and Ben Strickling | Laura and Charles Sugg | R. and Cathy Supak | Dr. Rashed and Susan Tabbaa | James D. and Sharla Thompson III | Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Thompson | Beth and Schuyler Tilney | The Trammell Foundation, Ann Gordon Trammell, Harper and Kelley Trammell, Matthew and Laura Baird, Carrie Trammell Sturges, Sue Trammell Whitfield, James (Jim) and Celia Crank, Diane and William F. Whitfield, Jr., W. Trammell Whitfield, Julia D. 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