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Find everything you need to know about being a volunteer at Houston Methodist. Whether it's patient interactions, safety procedures or the correct uniform, the Houston Methodist Volunteer Handbook helps you and the patients get the most out of your volunteer experience.

Volunteer Testimonials
Endah Smith- Patient & Administrative Support Volunteer

I have been volunteering at Houston Methodist for a year now.  I started as a volunteer at the nurse’s station in the Jones 10 unit.  After a few months of volunteering at Jones 10, there were an opportunities to volunteer at Fondren 8 and OPC 16 Cardiac Rehab to do administrative job which I took right away.  This opportunity helped me to see what I like to do and having fun at the same time. Although I am a long-term volunteer at OPC 16, I am always looking for a chance to do short term assignments for other department as well.

I feel so blessed that I am given this opportunity to be a part of the volunteer team to help the departments to get something done that otherwise neglected because of lack of time.  The biggest experience and moment was when I had opportunities to help patients/family needing help finding the right building, the right elevator etc. Listening to patients tell each other how thankful they are for the help, and how nice everybody is, made me happy that I had done something right and proud to be a part of the volunteer team.

My advice for new volunteers is, do not limit the area/thing you want to do instead try a lot of things as this will help you figure out what you would like to best and enjoy every moment of it.

Tony Robles- Guest Express Driver

I have been a volunteer for approximately 3 years. I am a Guest Express driver on Fridays.  Being a driver has been a very interesting experience.  I get to meet people from all over the United States and the world.  With 8 years in the military and 35 years at IBM, I was always in a position to help people.  I enjoy talking to people and helping people get to wherever they need to get to in the Methodist complex.  I never realized how important the Guest Express driver position was until I started doing it.  I try to treat everyone like family.  Almost all of the people that I help tell me everything they are going through.  I feel I help everyone just by listening.  I try to help everyone laugh or smile.  By doing this, I feel I am helping to get there mind off the pain or struggle they are going through.  I continue to volunteer because it is a blessing for me.

We do not know what the future holds for us but I hope God willing that I can volunteer as long as possible.  The only advice I have for future volunteers is to treat everyone like family and to do your best to always smile. 

Emergency Preparation Plans
Our volunteers’ safety is of utmost importance.  In the event of an emergency, it is important that we all adhere to the Houston Methodist Volunteer Emergency Preparedness Plan.  In the event of natural disasters, increment weather, etc., please stay at home when possible.  Please do not venture out of your homes to report to your volunteer assignment when it is unsafe to do so.  A good point to remember: If the schools are closed in the local area, volunteers are also encouraged to stay home.  
Training Checklist
View the Houston Methodist volunteer Assignment Specific Training Checklists. These checklists are to be used to facilitate training for the first day of new volunteer assignment. Checklists will ensure all new volunteers receive the same competency training. 

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