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The Cook Family Health Education and Learning (HEAL) at Houston Methodist is a one-of-a-kind program centered on the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and their families. The three pillars of HEAL are prevention, navigation and rejuvenation.


Many patients may benefit from assistance navigating the challenges of the unknown, when they encounter a serious or unexpected diagnosis. The HEAL team is uniquely equipped to provide these patients and their families comprehensive resources, offering access to programs specifically designed to help them cope with their new situation, ease their stress and support them through this challenging new journey.


From cooking classes and fitness activities to support groups, mindfulness education and salon services, HEAL supports healing and enhances well-being by focusing on new approaches to healthier lifestyles.

HEAL Programs

Well Together Families

Family Wellness Program

The Well Together Families program offers individual and family wellness support to patients and families through nutrition, physical activity, stress management and self-care resources.

Renewed Balance

Self-Discovery Therapy Program

The Renewed Balance program adds personalized wellness education to patients’ physical rehabilitation process, focusing on healing and recovery through creative arts, music therapy, gentle physical activity and support groups.

HEAL Circle

Self-Discovery Support Group Program

The HEAL Circle program offers group social support networks for patients and families to create authentic connections within our community, providing health education tools and coping strategies to address current and ongoing wellness needs.

Viva Healthy

Nutrition Education Program

The Viva Healthy program provides patients and families with practical tools to develop healthy eating practices to prevent and manage chronic disease, develop confidence in healthy cooking and food decision making, and improve overall quality of life.

Pillars of Hope

Spiritual Wellness Program

The Pillars of Hope program offers inclusive spiritual care and wellness to patients, caregivers and families in a safe and supportive environment, fostering encouragement and healing for each person’s unique health journey.

Unlocking Your Resilience

Mental Health and Wellness Program

Unlocking Your Resilience is a holistic therapy program for patients and families in need of therapeutic mental health counseling and safe, healthy coping strategies to manage stress, build resiliency and achieve emotional balance for overall well-being.

Community Connect

Community Seminar Program

Community Connect provides ongoing in-person and virtual health and wellness education to patients, families and the surrounding community, with a focus on important health topics, disease prevention and healthy lifestyle support.

The Lotus Touch

Salon Services Program

The Lotus Touch program is a private salon providing premier wig styling, scarves, cosmetic services, massage therapy and prosthetics for oncology patients and family members as they navigate the mental, emotional and physical challenges of cancer diagnosis and treatment.