Dermatology & Skin Conditions

Dermatologist exmines patient's skin for skin cancer

Dermatology is the study of medicine that focuses on diseases and issues pertaining to the skin, nails and hair. Houston Methodist dermatologists deliver specialty care to patients suffering from diseases or conditions affecting the skin. In addition to full outpatient care, dermatologists often conduct inpatient consults for skin irritations or infections, as well as perform innovative surgical and therapeutic treatments on patients with skin cancer or a variety of skin diseases.

Our dermatologists offer diagnosis and treatment of a variety of common and less common skin conditions. Dedicated to comprehensive treatment of the body's largest organ, our doctors work across all centers, departments and specialties to ensure patients get individualized care and treatment for their specific condition.

You are what you eat — leads to the path to a healthier you. Learn how eating the rights foods, nourishes your skin from the inside out.

What you Need to Know About Melanoma

Not all skin cancer is created equal. Melanoma can hide from you, including in your hair and nails or hard to see locations. Early detection through self and professional examination on a monthly basis is very important.

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