Planning Orthognathic Surgery

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Orthognathic is a compound word of Greek origin (ortho- straight; -gnathous jaw) meaning straight jaw. Thus, orthognathic surgery refers to surgery that is performed to straighten a jaw. It entails cutting a jaw and relocating at least one of its segments

Orthognathic surgical treatment has three well-defined stages: presurgical orthodontics, surgery, and postsurgical orthodontics. In the first stage, an orthodontist aligns and levels the teeth, removes unwanted compensations, and coordinates the dental arches. In the second stage, surgery takes place. In the final stage, an orthodontist completes the orthodontic movements.

Treatment planning is a process used to determine the particulars of treatment. Formal treatment planning is required at two different times (Figure 19): prior to orthodontic treatment (the initial treatment plan) and before surgery (the surgical treatment plan).

Figure 19
Figure 19
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