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Dorothy and Mickey Ables

Gail and Louis Adler

Lupe and Pete Alfaro

Jeff and Iman Ruth Ali

Eddie and Chinhui Allen

Nancy Ames and Danny Ward

Stefan and Tracee Amling

Elle and Clarke Anderson

Linda Clarke Anderson

Joanie and Doug Aron

Chris and Merrell Athon

Laura and Matthew K. Baird

Sarah and Wayne Baldwin

Dori and Keith Barber

Carin and Todd Barth

Vicki and Carl Baucum

Mrs. Dilsat and Mr. Don Baysal

W.S. Bellows Construction Corp.

Janis and Levi Benton

Everett E. and Randee K. Bernal

David P. Bernard

Carole and Bruce Bilger

Eva and Beau Bisso

Ginger Blanton

Kelli and Eddy Blanton

Leslie and Jack Blanton Jr.

Ann and John Bookout III

Drs. Julie and Marc Boom

Sandra Bretting

Deborah and Russell Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Bill Bryan

Sandy and Lucky Burke

Linda and Kevin Burns

Ginger and R.D. Burnside

Elizabeth and Phillip Butler

Susan and Fred Caldwell

Robyn and Embry Canterbury

Shelly and Steve Caton

Arturo Chavez

Kathleen and Bob Clarke

Ernie and Janet Cockrell and Family

John Cone and Greg Fourticq

Michael M. and Joann H. Cone

William and Cathy Cone

Sherrie G. Conover

Claudia and Roberto Contreras

Allyson and Steve Cook

John Cooke and Anita Kadala

Susan and Kem Coulter

Mrs. Clio C. Crespy and Mr. Romain J. Rouaud

Emily and Holcombe Crosswell

Michael and Veronica Selinko-Curran

M. Samuel Sr. and Mary A. Daffin

Marty and Andrew DeBusk

Sharon and Jason DeLorenzo

Dr. S. Nicholas Desai

Ali and Habiba Dhanani

Nancy and Jack Dinerstein

Mrs. Charles W. Duncan Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Duncan III

Connie Mayes Dyer

Peggy Edwards

Danielle Ellis

Juliet Ellis and West Griffin

Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook

Dr. and Mrs. Frank Elvin

Jason and Rori Feldman

Mrs. Marvy Finger

Dr. and Mrs. Jeremy Finkelstein

Shari and Tom Fish

Cathy and Ed Frank

Carol and Jim Frankel

Megan and Trent Fulin

Paula and Frank Gay

Judy and Ron Girotto

Antonio M. Gotto Jr, MD, DPhil and Mrs. Anita S. Gotto, and Weill Cornell Medicine

Jes and John Hagale

Ann and F.W. “Billy” Harrison III

Alan and Renee Helfman

Elizabeth A. Hoff

Lou and Mark Houser

Brandy and Chris Humphrey

Jocelyn and James Burns Humphrey III

Rochelle and Alan Jacobson

Dr. Korsh Jafarnia

Linda and Charlie Jenkins

Ann and Johnny Johnson

Al Kaplan and Susan Bass

Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Kaplan

Jerold B. Katz Foundation

Nicole and Evan H. Katz

Brenda and John Kennedy

Marie Louise and David Kinder

John and Suzanne Landa

Neice and Kenny Lang

Eve and Bobby Lapin

Mimi and Larry Levine
Lindsay and Carl Little
John W. Lodge III

Jim and Carole Walter Looke and Family

Reinnette and Stan Marek

Judy and Rodney Margolis

Debbie and Vidal Martinez

Catherine and George Masterson

Mary Ann and David McKeithan

Kathy and Lonnie Meadows

Cherie and Joel Melendez

The Rev. Dr. Charles and Vivian Millikan

Sheila and Steve Miller

Diane and David Modesett

Wendy and Ben Moreland

Loretta and Bob Moses Jr.

Cynthia Levin Moulton

Catherine and J. Fulton Murray III

Meg and Nelson Murray

Dr. Mary and Ron Neal

Laura and The Rev. Dr. Jerry Neff

The Nejad Family | Sigma Engineers

Libbie and Greg Nelson

Leslie and Randy Newcomer

Mrs. and Dr. Vince Nguyen

Randy and Terri Norwood


Paula and Jeff Paine | Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC

Louise and Bob Parsley

Sharon and Rick Peebles

Kathy and Harry Phillips

Joy and Scott Plantowsky

Dr. Ahmed, Sana and Nader Rabie

Vidal and Magda Ramirez

Gay and Keith Reeves

Elaine Renola and Dr. Gary Renola

Sissy and Grady Roberts

Barbie and Bruce Ross

Regina Rogers

Florence and Mike G. Rutherford

Sherrill and Gilbert Santana

Lu Ann and Gary Schmidt

Anna and Bret Scholtes

Roberta and Lee Schwartz

William and Debra Schwer

Dwight Scott | Scott Patton

Mary Eliza and Park Shaper

Catherine and Ward Sheffield

Terry and Chris Siebenaler

Michelle and Alan Smith

Sue Smith and Craig Brown

Susie and Tommy Smith

Aimee and Wynne Snoots

Dr. Dirk Sostman and Ms. Maria Preka

Jodie and Cullen Spitzer

Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Stasney

Anne-Laure and Steve Stephens

Amegy Bank

Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson and Donald E. Stevenson

Laura and Charles Sugg

Debbie and Steven Sukin

Courtney and Doug Swanson

Betty Goot Tapick

Dr. Greg and Laurie Terry

Tommye and Ned Torian

Ann G. Trammell

Christine and David M. Underwood Jr.

Lynda Underwood

Sarah and Duncan K. Underwood

Cathy and Scott Valby

Dr. Lynda Villanueva and Mr. Bill Davidson

Gemi and Wayne Voss

Lisa and John B. Walker

Paula and Rusty Walter

Martha S. Walton

Elizabeth and Peter Wareing

Brenda and Marc Watts

Randa and K.C. Weiner

Kay and Ewing Werlein, Jr.

The Honorable Holly Williamson and Dr. Danny Williamson

Suzie and Larry Wilson

Marie and Bill Wise

Sandi and Steven Wolf

Patti and Paul Yetter

Barb and Bob Zorich


as of October 15, 2023