Host Committee

Dorothy and Mickey Ables
Cynthia and Bucky Allshouse
Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Steven D. Arnold
ZoeAnn and Jud Bailey
Laura and Matthew Baird
Dr. Kelty Baker and Mr. R. Bruce McFarlin
Peggy and Bill Barnett
Vicki and Carl Baucum
David Bernard
Daphne and Eric Bernicker
Carole and Bruce Bilger
Ginger Blanton
Ellen and James Bookout
Ellen and John Bookout IV
Drs. Julie and Marc Boom
Dr. Timothy and Angela Boone
Katherine and Will Booth
Eric D. Brueggeman
Lucky and Sandy Burke
R.D. Burnside and Ginger Burnside
Brian and Patti Butler
Phillip and Elizabeth Butler
Bill and Ann Callegari
Cam and Rod Canion
Gerardo and Gelines Chapa
Steve and Pat Chazen
Sue Chiang
Janet and Ernest H. Cockrell
Sherrie G. and Alan G. Conover
Roberto and Claudia Contreras
John P. Cooke, M.D., PhD and Anita Kadala
Whitney and Jim Crane
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell
Molly and Jim Crownover
Mr. Mike Curran and Dr. Veronica Selinko-Curran
M. Samuel, Sr. and Mary A. Daffin
Denis and Susan DeBakey
Marty and Andrew DeBusk
Jon Deutser
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dinerstein
Jane DiPaolo
Sara Paschall Dodd
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Duncan, Jr.
Connie and Byron Dyer
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Annie and Campbell Eifler
Juliet Ellis and West Griffin
Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook
Frank and Ann Elvin
Clayton and Shel Erikson
Mary and Doug Erwin
Sidney Faust and Don Faust
Caroline and Dr. Jeremy Finkelstein
Shari and Tom Fish
Cathy and Ed Frank
Carol and Jim Frankel
Jennifer and Todd Frazier
Paula Gay and Frank Gay
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Gemp
Jennie and Doug Getten
Elizabeth Lyons Ghrist
Susan G. Glesby
Kathy and Marty Goossen
Dr. Antonio and Anita Gotto
Michael and Carole Hackett
Debbie and Britt Hance
Susan and Dick Hansen
Richard and Deborah Harper
Ann and Billy Harrison
Dr. Benjamin D. Harvey and Mrs. Dawn R. Harvey
Bishop Robert E. and Dee Hayes, Jr.
Mindy and Jeff Hildebrand
Elizabeth A. Hoff
Lou and Mark Houser
Betty and John Hrncir
Patricia P. Hubbard
Jorie and Brian M. Jackson
Dr. Robert E. Jackson and
Alicia Alexandra von Greisman
Mel and Cathy Jodeit
Ann and Johnny Johnson
Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson
Mary and Dennis Johnston
Dr. Frances Jones and Woodrow Holland
Lynn and Edward Jones
Bishop Scott J. Jones and Mary Lou Reece
Nicole and Evan H. Katz
Gayle and Tom Kennedy
Marie Louise and David Kinder
Candy and Tom Knudson
Cynthia G. Kostas
Huntley and Dan Kubitza
Amy and Gentry Lee
Andrew Lee and Hilary Beaver
Elizabeth and Colter Lewis
Robert and Sharon Ley Lietzow
Reginald and Alane Lillie
Meredith and Cornelia Long
Carole and Jim Looke
Lindsey and Steven Looke
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis
Mary Lynn and Steve Marks
Debbie and Vidal Martinez
Dr. and Mrs. Faisal N. Masud
Maryanne and John McCormack
Dr. Patrick and Domitille McCulloch
David and Mary Ann McKeithan
Kathy and Lonnie Meadows
The Rev. Charles and Laura Millikan
David and Diane Modesett
Denise Monteleone
Debbie and Jack Moore
Jennifer and Joel Moore
Ben and Wendy Moreland
Laurie and Reed Morian
Anne and Jack Moriniere
Bob Moses, Jr. and Loretta B. Moses
Meg and Nelson Murray
Bobbie Nau
Libbie and Greg Nelson
Shannon and Dan Newman
Pat and Martin Nicholas
Scott and Judy Nyquist
Gene and Meredith O’Donnell
Lisa and Josh Oren
Dr. Thomas J. Pace III
James Pappas
Doug and Wendy Quinn
Rick and Vanessa Raanes
Dr. and Mrs. Ahmed Rabie
Vidal and Magda Ramirez
Keith and Gay Reeves
Nikki and Doug Richnow
Rev. Ed and Beverley Robb
Florence and Mike Rutherford
Barbara and Rusty Schlattman
Debbie and Bill Schwer
Edward D. “Ward” Sheffield
Terry and Chris Siebenaler
Dr. and Mrs. Todd E. Siff
Sue Smith and Craig Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Solomon
H. Dirk Sostman, M.D. and Maria Preka
Mr. and Mrs. Abbott Sprague
Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard Stasney
Anne-Laure and Steve Stephens
Virginia and Dan Steppe
Cynthia Pickett-Stevenson and Donald Stevenson
Courtney and Doug Swanson
Henry J.N. Taub II
Dr. Greg and Laurie Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Spencer A. Tillman
Ann G. Trammell
Dianne and Ellis Tudzin
Christine and David M. Underwood, Jr.
Lynda Underwood
Sarah and Duncan Underwood
Tony and Donna Vallone
Dr. Robert C. Vanzant and Melinda S. Vanzant
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Varner
Bridget and Patrick Wade
Dr. Richard E. Wainerdi
Katherine Walsh and Ron Noska
Martha S. Walton
Manish K. Wani, M.D.
Dancie and Jim Ware
Elizabeth and Peter Wareing
Mr. and Mrs. W. Temple Webber III
Randa and K.C. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wessel
Rev. B.T. and Dr. Robin Williamson
Jeanie Kilroy Wilson and Wallace S. Wilson
Dr. Sandra G. Wright
Patti and Paul Yetter
Anat and Jay Zeidman

As of August 1, 2019