About Us

The success of our first 25 years could not have happened without the generosity of community visionaries who believed in our mission of health care for performing artists and art for health. At every step of this remarkable 25-year journey, community support — from many of those who helped build a thriving arts community in Houston — has played a decisive role.

Philanthropic partners are vital to CPAM’s vision for the next 25 years. With your help, we will continue to innovate in the fields of arts and wellness while embarking on new outreach initiatives to extend the therapeutic powers of art to the whole community.

When you support CPAM, you not only support all these exciting programs (and many more), but you also make a powerful statement about the importance of the performing arts in our community and the crucial role it plays in healing, educating, inspiring and uniting our diverse city. You help bring solace and joy to hospital patients and their families desperately in need of it, and you enable us to share this beauty and joy with the community.


Your Stasney Chorus gift will help the Center of Performing Arts Medicine continue to be at the forefront of caring for elite performing artists.