Hunt Construction Group, Inc. 
MLN Company 
The Bookout Family
Steve and Pat Chazen 
Claudia and Roberto Contreras 
Dan Dinges | Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation
Freeport LNG | Iris and Michael Smith
The Jerold B. Katz Foundation:
Nicole and Evan H. Katz | Judith E. Katz | Lissy Katz Bank and Joshua D. Bank
Lisa and Josh Oren 
Tammy and Alan Patton
Staples Business Advantage 
Walker Engineering Inc. 
Paula and Rusty Walter & Carole and Jim Looke

Denise and David Baggett
Alice Burguières | Cam and Rod Canion | Nancy and Jack Dinerstein |
Clayton and Shel Erikson | Denise Monteleone |
Dr. Veronica Selinko-Curran and Mike Curran
Janet and Ernest H. Cockrell
The Cockrell Foundation:
Estela and David A. Cockrell | Janet and Ernest H. Cockrell |
Stephanie and Ernest D. Cockrell | Carol Cockrell Curran and Richard B. Curran |
Christy and J. Webb Jennings | Laura Jennings Tuner and John A. Turner
Colliers International
Mary and Sam Daffin 
Martha and Andrew DeBusk
Oscar L. De la Rosa
Connie and Byron Dyer
EYP / Health
Lou and Mark Houser 
Wendy and Ben Moreland
Scott Patton, PC
Elizabeth and Peter Wareing 
Kay and Ewing Werlein, Jr.  
Yetter Coleman LLP
Audrey and Carlos Zaffirini, Jr.


Affiliated Engineers Inc.
Amegy Bank 
Steven D. Arnold
Avalon Advisors, LLC
Vicki and Carl Baucum
Drs. Julie and Marc Boom 
Bracewell LLP
Marsha and Jim Braniff | Susie and Jay Golding | Bill and Marie Wise
Linda and Kevin Burns
Cardno, Inc.
Keely and Carl Carter 
Wendy and Bill Chiles | Candy and Tom Knudson
John Cooke and Anita Kadala
Kimberly and David Dominy | Lesha and Tom Elsenbrook
Juliet Ellis and D. West Griffin 
Houston Radiology Associated
John and Suzanne Landa 
Michael and Carol Linn 
Judy and Rodney Margolis | Melanie and Larry Margolis |
Judy and Kenneth Margolis | Marcy and Jeff Margolis | Céline and Jay Gerson 
Libbie and Greg Nelson
Perry Homes 
Cynthia and Don Stevenson 
Lynda Underwood | Mr. and Mrs. David M. Underwood, Jr.  
Danny Ward and Nancy Ames
Weill Cornell Medicine

Dorothy and Mickey Ables
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Carole and Bruce Bilger 
Olivette and David Cannon | Carol and Rob Fondren | Sarah and Duncan Underwood 
Jenny Chang | Sandie and Stephen Wong
Debbie and Kent Chenevert | Ashley and Sam Cruse | Catie and Brian Ross 
Mike Cone and Scott Cone
Susan and Kem Coulter | Robert and Mollie Eardley |
Carole and Michael Hackett | Dan and Pam Pantera | Candice and Ed Tyrrell
Stacey and Casey Crenshaw
Emily and Holcombe Crosswell | Loretta and Robert K. Moses, Jr.
Jean W. Durdin 
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Larry Foyt | Johnathan Klein | Justin Segal and Laurie Smith| Rob Stewart 
Jes and John Hagale | Ron and Judy Girotto 
HDR, Inc. 
Hoar Construction
Marjorie and Raleigh Johnson
J.P. Morgan
Dr. and Mrs. Alan L. Kaplan 
Marie Louise and David Kinder | Courtney and Doug Swanson 
Huntley and Dan Kubitza
Legacy Community Health 
Locke Lord LLP
Debbie and Vidal Martinez
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
The Rev. Dr. Charles and Laura Millikan 
Diane and David Modesett
NRL Mortgage
PhiloWilke Partnership
Regina Rogers
Barbie and Bruce Ross
Anna and Bret Scholtes
Roberta and Lee Schwartz  
Sue Smith and Craig Brown
Smith Seckman Reid, Inc. 
Ann and Jerry Snyder | Debra and Steve Sukin, MD | Darbi and Dave Warren
Steelcase | McCoy-Rockford, Inc. 
Texas A&M University College of Medicine
Texas Annual Conference
Ann G. Trammell
Dianne and Ellis Tudzin
Vaughan Nelson Investment Mgmt., L.P.
Walter P Moore 
Ward & Ames
Way Engineering, Ltd.

Christen and David Bernard | Ginger and R.D. Burnside 
Ginger Blanton
Jackie and Robert Callies | Catherine Del Paggio and Thomas H. Padgett, Jr. |
Angelica Garza and Richard Sepulveda | Amanda and David Harris |
Patti Muck | Emily Schott 
Jordan and Donnie Lopez | PJ and Ron Oran
Jackie Macha and Brian Faulkner
Shannon and Dan Newman | Katherine Walsh and Ron Noska 
Cathy and Sid Sanders
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