In keeping with our quality of care, newborn babies are weighed, given preventive eye infection treatment and given an injection of vitamin K. Your chosen pediatrician will assess your baby daily. A newborn screen is a state-mandated blood test required at 2 and 14 days old. The first test is given at the hospital; the second will be performed at your pediatrician’s office. The purpose of these screens is to detect 28 different newborn conditions that can be corrected if found early. Houston Methodist, in compliance with Texas state law, offers a hearing screening by a certified hearing professional prior to discharge.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
Sometimes babies need additional care and may be placed in our NICU. Staffed by highly skilled NICU nurses, our nursery and neonatal unit gives Houston Methodist the capability to handle premature babies and infants who need specialized care, with access to the latest treatments in neonatal and pediatric care, state-of-the-art equipment and pediatric subspecialists — including cardiology, neurology, infectious disease, ophthalmology and more. Our neonatologists and pediatricians, specially trained in the care of premature infants and high-risk babies, provide coverage 24 hours a day, so you can have peace of mind knowing your baby is progressing along a healthy path.

Infants who need a higher level of care are stabilized and transported to a facility that can provide the best care for the baby. This is just one more assurance that your baby is receiving the best care.

Your Pediatrician
The pediatrician of your choice will be contacted to come to Houston Methodist to direct the inpatient care of your newborn. You should select a pediatrician prior to delivering your baby. Although Houston Methodist is primarily an adult hospital, many top pediatricians are on the admitting staff.
If your pediatrician is unable to come to Houston Methodist, or you have not chosen one, your OB-GYN can assign one for you. Once your baby is discharged from the hospital, the assigned pediatrician will report the care rendered to your pediatrician.

Birth Registrar
The birth registrar will visit you the day after delivery to provide assistance in completing your baby’s birth certificate and to answer any questions you may have regarding this process.

Preparing to Go Home
We know once your baby arrives, you will be eager to begin this new chapter in your life. We want to ensure that you and your baby are healthy and ready to go home, so we recommend a minimum 24-hour stay after vaginal birth and a 72-hour stay after cesarean birth.

Both your doctor and pediatrician will discharge you and your baby, respectively, from the hospital. Before you leave, the nurse will give you paperwork and information about follow-up care and breastfeeding. We encourage you to schedule an appointment before discharge.

The State of Texas requires all infants to be transported in a car seat when going home. Be sure to have your car seat properly installed prior to discharge from the hospital.


Our physicians at Houston Methodist specialize in neonatology at the following convenient locations: