Houston Methodist encourages breastfeeding as the preferred method of feeding newborns and infants. Breastfeeding has proven to have many benefits including boosting your baby’s immunity and enhancing the bond between mother and child. For those moms who would like to learn how to breastfeed, certified lactation consultants are available five days a week and will be happy to address all your needs. In addition, nursing staff is experienced in assisting breastfeeding mothers.

Breastfeeding classes are available for expectant mothers. Learn more and register for a breastfeeding class.

If you have questions after you have been discharged from the hospital, please call and ask to speak to a lactation consultant.

Education and Support

As an expectant parent, you probably have a lot of questions. If you are already a parent, you may be wondering about your growing family. Fortunately, childbirth and breastfeeding educators at Houston Methodist are here to help, before and after delivery.

Childbirth Classes 

Childbirth classes are taught by a registered nurse and usually include a visit from a pediatrician and an anesthesiologist. Classes include the following topics: 

Cost is $75 per couple. Patients are encouraged to invite their support person to attend. To find a class at a Houston Methodist facility near you, call 713.790.3333. 

Birthing Center Tour

A free tour of the birthing center, including the postpartum and nursery areas, is available for expectant parents and family members. Expectant parents are given the opportunity to ask questions and to become more familiar with the hospital and the services provided.

To tour a Houston Methodist facility near you, call 713.790.3333.

Planning for Discharge

Having a baby is a family event, and we find that most moms and babies are eager to go home as soon as possible and to begin this new chapter. We recommend moms stay with us at least 24 hours after a vaginal birth and 72 hours after a cesarean birth to make sure both of you are ready.

  • We want to make sure your baby is ready for the outside world (stable vital signs, temperature and ability to eat/nurse adequately).
  • The state requires certain tests be performed when the baby is 24 hours old.

The State of Texas requires that all infants be transported in a car seat when going home. Plan for transportation in advance with your family. Please bring an age-appropriate car seat to the hospital on the day the baby goes home.


Houston Methodist offers breastfeeding education and support at the following convenient locations: