Pelvic Health


At Houston Methodist, our goal is to provide answers, services and expert medical care in a multidisciplinary approach for our patients. We specialize in treating women with pelvic organ prolapseurinary incontinence and fecal incontinence and men with problems following surgery or radiation therapy for prostate cancer.

CRPM: Pelvic Floor Disorders - Danielle Antosh, MD

Danielle Antosh, MD, director of Houston Methodist’s Center for Restorative Pelvic Medicine, describes pelvic floor disorders and explains how Houston Methodist specializes in treating them.

Our work in restorative pelvic medicine is unique, combining expert physicians in the fields of gynecology, urology, colorectal diagnosis and treatment, and plastic surgery to create an individualized yet comprehensive treatment plan for each patient. The initial patient contact is with our coordinator, who evaluates your condition and then arranges for you to see physicians from as many specialties. a We try to arrange your evaluation so you see as many doctors and specialists as necessary on one day to avoid multiple trips.

If you have encountered challenges elsewhere, let Houston Methodist be your final destination. We address your concerns in an environment of respect, compassion, comprehension and sensitivity to provide you with the appropriate medical, surgical and psychological therapy to restore pelvic function.

Diseases and Conditions Treated
Among the many diseases and conditions treated at Houston Methodist, we specialize in several areas of restorative pelvic medicine:
Houston Methodist combines the expertise of urogynecologists — specialty physicians trained in the areas of urology and gynecology — as well as traditional gynecologists and colorectal surgeons to provide the most advanced care available for women and men with problems related to the lower urinary tract and the pelvic floor. The Center for Restorative Pelvic Medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital is the first of its kind in the Greater Houston area and is one of the few centers in the country that offers a single-center location for the diagnosis and treatment of complex pelvic-floor disorders.   
Talk To Our Specialists
These issues can impact your quality of life but they can be resolved. Your first step is to talk with one of our specialists. Call Houston Methodist at 713.790.3333 to find the right specialist and to schedule an appointment.


At Houston Methodist, we specialize in restorative pelvic medicine at our convenient treatment locations: