Diabetes Education

The diabetes education program at Houston Methodist is recognized by the American Diabetes Association for Quality Self-Management Education. The program focuses on individualized treatment plans for people with diabetes to help them self-manage the disease and improve their health and vitality.


Basic Diabetes Classes
All patients with pre-diabetes or newly diagnosed diabetes or those who have never attended a diabetes self-management class should attend these classes. Designed to help individuals understand diabetes and learn simple strategies to gain control over the disease, these classes introduce the four cornerstones of diabetes education: medication, monitoring, diet and exercise. Patients will attend two three-hour classes. Other topics include glucose pattern management, foot care, preventing long-term complications, weight loss, basic meal planning, introduction to carbohydrate counting and managing sick days and travel.

Advanced Diabetes Classes
Advanced diabetes classes are designed for patients who have had diabetes for some time and have a basic understanding of self-management skills but are not getting the control they need. These patients take insulin or multiple oral medications. These classes teach patients how to identify blood glucose trends and troubleshoot situations that lead to out-of-range blood-sugar readings. In addition, more emphasis is placed on using carbohydrate counting to help with meal planning. If appropriate, education will be provided on the patient's carbohydrate-to-insulin ratio and insulin sensitivity factor. 

Gestational Diabetes Counseling
These sessions help patients with gestational diabetes have a healthy pregnancy. This program usually includes small classes of two to three people; we can also provide individual counseling if desired. Patients learn how to check their blood sugar levels to identify in-range and out-of-range readings. They also learn how various factors, such as pregnancy hormones, food, activity, medications, sleep, illness and stress can affect blood sugar levels, as well as how to treat hypoglycemia and prevent hyperglycemia. A registered dietitian will help plan nutritious snacks and well-balanced meals to optimize blood sugar levels in order to keep both mother and baby healthy.

Insulin Pumps and Continuous Glucose Monitoring
Houston Methodist’s certified diabetes educators provide consultations for insulin pump therapy and continuous glucose monitoring. They also help create a personalized self-management plan, so patients can gain control over their diabetes.

Diabetes Support Group
Our free diabetes support group meetings provide a venue for patients to ask questions, receive support and gain motivation and knowledge. A diabetes support group is ideal for individuals who have received some form of diabetes self-management instruction.

Meetings are offered monthly at five convenient locations - Houston Methodist Hospital (Texas Medical Center), Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital, Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital, and Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital. For a full listing of the diabetes support group meetings, download our support group flyer. Contact us at 832.667.LOSE (5673) for more information on our diabetes support groups. 

Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information on diabetes and weight management or download our diabetes education brochure.


Houston Methodist provides diabetes education at the following convenient locations.