Spiritual Care & Education

The Department of Spiritual Care and Values Integration at Houston Methodist St. John Hospital provides the highest quality spiritual care to our patients, families, staff, physicians and community. The department serves an integral role in providing holistic, interdisciplinary care and is recognized as the foundation for the hospital’s spiritual environment of caring. Regardless of your religion or belief system, we strive to provide you with the resources you need to fulfill your spiritual needs.

On-Campus Resources
The Department of Spiritual Care and Values Integration is committed to providing you with excellent spiritual care during your stay in our facility. Our staff chaplains, spiritual care volunteers and lay ministers offer 24-hour spiritual support and resources. Bibles, rosaries and other spiritual reading texts are also available.

Chaplains will provide you with compassionate listening and guidance at times of physical and emotional stress. They help with prayer, religious services and sacraments. Chaplains also make regular rounds on patients to offer emotional support and respond to other spiritual needs. If you need help with anxiety, depression, grief or loss, family meetings, contacting community clergy, or relating your religious needs to the medical team, our chaplains are here for you.

Prayers are said three times a day — in the morning, at noon, in the evening — and can be heard on the overhead speakers in patient rooms.

Bereavement Care
A bereavement service is held once a quarter in the hospital chapel. We will send information regarding the date and time to families who have lost loved ones during the quarter.

Biomedical Ethics Issues
We are available to help with sensitive ethical issues, including establishing a living will or advance directive.

Prayer Cards
We have different types of prayer cards — such as “Pray the Rosary Daily” and "ICARE Prayers" — we pass out to new patients. Some cards include information on services, such as the  Catholic Mass and the Service of the Lord’s Supper.

Incarnate Word Chapel
The Incarnate Word Chapel is located on the left side of the hospital main entrance lobby and is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We also use the chapel for Catholic Mass weekdays at 11:30 a.m.

Prayer Request Book
At the back of the chapel is a prayer request book where visitors can write their intentions, for which we pray daily.

Jesus, The Great Physician Statue
In front of the chapel is our life-size statue of Jesus, The Great Physician. People often stop by to touch or pray in front of the statue.

Chapel Broadcast 
All activities in the chapel are broadcast live and can be seen on channel 16 in every patient's room.

Community Educational Events
We offer educational events for the community that include hospital visitation training and help with health care choices such as advance care planning. We also help religious leaders to counsel their congregations on health care questions.

We recruit, train, supervise and support lay persons from the community to provide spiritual care visits to our patients and families.

We engage physicians and chaplains in discussions around medicine and spirituality and invite community members to join.

Our Team

Fr. Reuben Nwankwor, Director of Spiritual Care and Values Integration

“I like Houston Methodist St. John because it promotes values that are deeply spiritual. These values enable the hospital to practice medicine that is respectful of the whole human person. Based in the Bay Area Region of Houston, which is like an international city, Houston Methodist St. John is staffed with a diverse range of people. This diversity helps the hospital to perfect its quality of care, because its knowledge base and talent come from across the globe.”

Linda Tolon, Chaplain

“As a relatively new staff chaplain at Houston Methodist St. John, I can see our spiritual heritage evident throughout the hospital — from the Jesus, The Great Physician sculpture and the tribute to the Sisters of Charity in the lobby to the display of crosses in all patient rooms and in all other prominent places. All areas of the hospital allow the beauty of nature in, reminding all that this is a place of comfort, hope and healing for the mind and spirit as well as for the body. I am impressed every day by the many expressions of hospitality I observe being extended to all.”