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Chief Resident's Corner

I am originally a native of Tempe, AZ - the valley of the sun. I studied bioengineering in undergrad and enjoyed the subject, but knew I wanted direct patient care, so I applied for medical school. I went to medical school at VCU in Richmond, VA. I wanted to get back to AZ for residency training but when I interviewed at Methodist I realized the Texas Medical Center would provide an incredibly valuable training experience. Methodist, in particular, is a place where excellent medical care is given and we are mentored by experts in many specialties. I am very content with choosing Internal Medicine and Methodist Hospital – I have no regrets and wouldn't change my path. I love being a doctor. I feel that it is a challenging and rewarding profession. It is truly a privilege to be a physician. After my residency, I plan on training in fellowship for Cardiology and Heart Failure.

Besides medicine I am a family man. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and we have 3 children. They give me a good balance to work and I love spending time with them. They try to keep me as normal as possible. My other interests include sports of all varieties, camping, church, performing arts, and food. Mahwash is a great co-Chief to work with. Our goal is to make Methodist and its residents the best they can be.

- Drew Hall, MD

Methodist hospital is home away from home for me.

I belong to Quetta, a small town in the southwest of Pakistan. I finished my medical school in The Aga Khan University in Karachi. Thereafter, I decided to pursue post graduate training in Internal Medicine in the United States. I was specifically looking for a program with an academic and collegial environment where I could accomplish my goals; which were superior clinical practice, research and medical education. The Internal Medicine Residency Program at The Methodist Hospital has exceeded all my expectations. My residency here has been a period of both professional and personal growth. I want to pursue a career in cardiology and there are ample opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in the country. The environment in the residency overall is extremely warm and collegial. The residents, faculty, and our lovely program coordinator have all been like family to me. I have always been happy and content with my training here and this is what we as Chiefs, aim to achieve for our residents.

- Mahwash Kassi, MD

The internal medicine residents at The Methodist Hospital experience a wonderful combination of structured academics, varied clinical exposure, devoted faculty, and superb instruction in evidence-based medicine and quality-improvement methods, all of which are supervised by a department leadership that focuses on developing excellent and compassionate physicians. The department fosters our career development by supporting our attendance at national conferences, and by creating an environment that values academic activity. We have the rare opportunity to work one on one with world renowned faculty in every discipline—instead of learning internal medicine from residents and fellows, you'll be guided, tutored and instructed by the leaders in each field of medicine. We are a program that values education over service. A smaller program allows for greater personal interaction between residents, the opportunity for social events and development of long lasting friendships.