Chairs & Honorary Executive Committee

  • Kelli and Eddy Blanton
  • Cabrina and Steven Owsley
Honorary Executive Committee
  • Eva and Beau Bisso
  • Kathy and George Britton
  • Cam and Rod Canion
  • Sarah Jane and Ross Canion
  • Renée Lewis and John Cary
  • Laura and Brett Chiles
  • Estela and David A. Cockrell
  • Dru and Scott Cone
  • Isabel and Danny David
  • Jill and Brad Deutser
  • Carolyn and Chris Dorros
  • Michelle and Jeff Foutch
  • Eleanor and Dan Gilbane
  • Lauren and Warren Harris
  • Terri and John Havens
  • Rosemarie and Matthew L. Johnson
  • Nancy and Erik Littlejohn
  • Catherine and George Masterson
  • Lisa and Will Mathis
  • Gretchen and Andrew McFarland
  • Melissa and Michael Mithoff
  • Denise Monteleone
  • Allison and John Strawn 
  • Marcy Taub and Tom Wessel
  • Sarah and Duncan Underwood
  • Ann and Richard Vaughan

For more information on the Society for Leading Medicine, please contact Amanda Harris at or 832.667.5813.