Personalized Care for Women of All Ages

Our certified nurse-midwives are trained medical professionals who specialize in helping mothers deliver their babies safely and naturally. CNMs are licensed, independent health care providers who adhere to the standard practices of nurse midwifery set forth by the American College of Nurse Midwives. They adhere to the same standards of care as physicians with a holistic approach.

Our midwifery model enhances the hospital’s ob-gyn services by offering 24-hour coverage for new moms who prefer to partner with a certified nurse-midwife specially trained for safe, natural deliveries. This places the desires of the laboring mother as the primary focus. If needed, seamless physician and/or surgical intervention can be provided.

In addition, we are happy to provide Couplet Care, a six week follow-up program for both mom and baby. This program aids the family in adjusting to their new normal, assists with successful lactation, and helps new moms care for themselves as well as their babies.



Our Services

  • Well-woman care
  • Family planning
  • Birth control
  • Preconception counseling