Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital is using a breakthrough technology that allows doctors to obtain clearer images of the body without requiring patients to hold their breath.


The new Revolution Apex computed tomography (CT) scanner from GE Healthcare delivers high-resolution, super-clear images with ultra-low dose radiation. The scanner’s speed – most scans take just one second – and reduced kilovoltage use makes it possible to extend advanced imaging to all patients, including those who previously could not undergo CT scans.


The new CT scanner is especially valuable for planning cardiac intervention procedures, because it provides high-resolution images even in patients with heavily calcified coronaries, or those with plaque and stents. With a single, rapid, low-dose scan, doctors can get significantly clearer images at various heart rates.


“This is a major step forward for us because we can quickly and easily obtain high-resolution images with minimal impact on the patient,” said B. Keith Ellis, M.D., director of Cardiovascular Services at Houston Methodist Sugar Land and director of the hospital’s Chest Pain Center. “The new CT scanner is especially valuable in planning transcatheter aortic valve implantations or replacements because we can view the entire heart in a single heartbeat. It is easier for patients and more accurate for the physicians.”


Traditional CT scanners require patients to be still and hold their breath, because movement – either of the body itself or from the rise and fall of the lungs while breathing – blurs the image. That made it difficult to use with children, or patients with certain health conditions, such as those suffering from a pulmonary embolism which make breathing difficult. Those patients can now be easily scanned with the new CT scanner, since its scanning speed decreases the concern of movement.


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