Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital and the City of Pasadena have partnered to purchase and install eight new Benchfit signs along the Armand Bayou Hike and Bike Trailway off Fairmont Parkway.


Benchfit signs provide instructions for a safe and complete whole-body workout – using nothing more than a park bench. The signs and the workouts they detail were created by Canadian fitness company TrekFit.


To celebrate the installation, Major Jeff Wagner from the City of Pasadena joined representatives of Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 25.


‘These signs are a great way for walkers, runners and bikers to supplement their exercise in a safe, fun and easy way,” said David Wallace, M.D., a primary care/sports medicine physician at Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in Pasadena. “The hospital is proud to be a partner with the City of Pasadena to give local residents another way to get fit and stay healthy.”


The Armand Bayou Hike and Bike Trailhead is located just a mile from the Houston Methodist physician clinic on Fairmont Parkway, where Wallace and Charanjeev Mann, M.D., practice. The clinic is one of five primary care locations across the Bay Area staffed by board-certified physicians from Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital.


“This partnership is an excellent example of our efforts to expand community care beyond the hospital or clinic walls,” said Mann, who specializes in both internal medicine and primary care. “People today are busy and finding time to exercise and stimulate the cardiovascular system – a key element in a healthy lifestyle – is difficult. These signs can help those who are out along the Trailway easily incorporate a more complete workout into their routine, and that’s a win-win for the hospital and for the community.”


The Benchfit workouts include specific exercises to build strength in both the upper and lower body, as well as improve flexibility and balance. They are ideal for use along trails; walkers, runners and bikers can stop at each bench as they progress down the path and perform the individual exercises recommended by the signs – in effect, creating a comprehensive training circuit.


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