To better serve the community, Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital has expanded the number of its clinics offering pelvic health physical therapy from Nassau Bay and Friendswood to now include Pasadena.


This specialized form of rehabilitation addresses muscular-related concerns in the pelvic region. This includes incontinence, pelvic organ prolapses, pelvic pain and other concerns related to bowel, bladder and sexual function.


“While it’s more common to experience these symptoms with age, they’re never considered ‘normal’ or something people must just live with,” said Dr. Emily Rutledge, a urogynecologist at Houston Methodist Clear Lake Hospital.


Pelvic floor rehabilitation can restore muscle function and body confidence through improving bladder and bowel control, sexual function and pain reduction.


“I understand that these are private issues that can be difficult to discuss, but don’t let embarrassment keep you from seeking help,” said Rutledge. “During evaluation, my goal is to reassure patients that they are not alone and discuss options that can help them find relief.”


Houston Methodist has the only board-certified, residency-trained pelvic health specialists in Houston. The latest location offering pelvic health physical therapy is Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, located at 6243 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 105, in Pasadena.


If you have unanswered questions about pelvic floor disorders, visit or call 713.790.3333 for help finding a doctor who can help you address these concerns.