Houston Methodist Men's Health Center

Personalized, coordinated and confidential care — all in one place

Houston Methodist's Men’s Health Center brings together the extensive resources of Houston Methodist Hospital to provide men with an unparalleled level of comprehensive, confidential and quality care.


Our experts will diagnose, monitor and treat common conditions such as low testosterone (Low T), fertility issues, erectile dysfunction (ED), prostate health, metabolic syndrome and bladder and kidney health, as well as provide access to coordinated care. 


In addition, we provide immediate referrals, helping make appointments as needed with cardiologists, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, endocrinologists and andrologists.

Comprehensive Low Testosterone (Low T) Care

Symptoms of Low T — changes in sleep habits, decrease in muscle mass, depression, erectile dysfunction (ED), fatigue, increased body fat and low sex drive — are often indicators of other underlying conditions. That’s why it’s important to seek care for Low T from a team of experts who can address and treat all of your unique needs.

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Oral medications

Penile injections

Vacuum pump

Penile implants

Premature ejaculation

Adult circumcision


Male infertility

Semen analysis

Low sperm count


Vasectomy reversal

Sperm retrieval

Sperm cryopreservation

Prostate Health

Aquablation therapy
Elevated PSA 

Enlarged prostate 

Prostate cancer

Prostatic Urethral lift procedure 

Targeted/fusion prostate biopsy of real-time ultrasound

Bladder Health

Bladder cancer

Cystitis/ bladder stones


Urinary frequency/urgency

Urinary retention/stress incontinence

Urinary tract infection

Kidney Health


Kidney function/flow

Renal cancer

Renal mass/cysts

Renal stones

Ureteral injuries

Metabolic Syndrome

Cholesterol management

Diabetes – type I and II


Increased belly fat


Thyroid disorder