We offer men personalized, coordinated and confidential care

Houston Methodist's Men’s Health Center brings together the extensive resources of Houston Methodist Hospital to provide men with an unparalleled level of comprehensive, confidential and quality care.


Under the leadership of urologist Brian J. Miles, MD, our center’s mission is to provide men the opportunity to discuss intensely personal health issues with doctors and other specialists who can address your specific needs. Our experts will diagnose, monitor and treat common conditions such as prostate and bladder cancer, testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction and metabolic syndromes/weight control and diabetes, as well as provide access to coordinated care as necessary. To this end, our team will provide immediate referrals, and patient navigators will make appointments as needed with cardiologists, plastic surgeons, physical therapists, endocrinologists and andrologists.


The reality is that many men often neglect their own personal health and well-being. But what if you had a single cutting-edge center devoted just to men’s health, where your care was personalized, meaningful and confidential? At the Men’s Health Center, you will find just that, because we believe that a center focused solely on men can be a portal into improving your overall health.


Conditions We Treat

Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Premature ejaculation

Erectile dysfunction

Oral medications

Vacuum pump

Prostate Health

Prostate cancer

Enlarged prostate

Elevated PSA

Targeted/fusion prostate biopsy of real-time ultrasound

Male circumcision

Low Testosterone (Low T)

Decreased sex drive


Decreased energy

Mood swings/insomnia

Decreased lean muscle mass

Metabolic Syndrome


Cholesterol management

Diabetes – type I and II


Thyroid disorder

Increased belly fat

Bladder & Incontinence Health

Bladder cancer

Urinary retention/stress incontinence

Urinary tract infection

Cystitis/ bladder stones

Urinary frequency/urgency


Kidney Health

Renal cancer


Renal stones

Renal mass/cysts

Ureteral injuries

Kidney function/flow

Men’s Health Center at Houston Methodist Hospital

Scurlock Tower, 21st Floor
6560 Fannin St.
Houston, TX 77030
Fax: 713.441.9522

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