Translational Research Initiative

Despite generations of effort, the 'translation' of novel medical discoveries from the laboratory into the patient care arena remains elusive and cumbersome, taking up to 20 years and billions of dollars. Thousands of new discoveries for promising treatments are lost due to the expense, lack of business expertise and challenging regulatory requirements presented in crossing the "Valley of Death" – the road between a laboratory discovery and its successful human application.

To help tackle this challenge, Houston Methodist incorporated its patient centered focus into an improved model for medical research by establishing the Houston Methodist Research Institute. The Research Institute is designed to speed the pathway and efficiency of innovation so that effective treatments and real cures are delivered to patients in years rather than decades.

In support of this goal, the Houston Methodist Research Institute has created the Translational Research Initiative, or TRI, as a unique opportunity to make a difference now, by applying the power of philanthropy to medical innovations with the most potential to transform health.

For more information or to become a member of the TRI, please contact Houston Methodist Hospital Foundation at 832.667.5816.
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