Volunteer Opportunities at  West

Houston Methodist West Hospital welcomes volunteers who want to offer their time, talent and dedication. Volunteers provide a valuable service to both patients and families.

There are a variety volunteer roles to fit individual time commitments, schedules, abilities and interests. Volunteers may work directly with patients or choose to work behind-the-scenes, providing administration support. 

How to Apply

To apply, please complete the application form below. Submit your completed application to the Volunteer Services office drop box (3rd floor, Main Hospital Building) or via email to hmwvolunteerservices@houstonmethodist.org.

Volunteer Application [PDF]

Volunteer Opportunities
2024 Summer Teen Volunteer Program
Houston Methodist West's Teen Volunteer Program provides the youth of the community opportunities for personal growth and development in a hospital setting. These young volunteers provide supplemental services throughout the hospital and gain personal satisfaction through helping others, as well as an understanding of the many health care careers that a hospital environment offers.

Thank you for your interest in the 2024 Summer Teen Volunteer Program at Houston Methodist West Hospital. Please click the link for the Summer Teen Application below and carefully follow the instructions.

The program dates are June 24 - August 2, 2024, volunteering a minimum of three days per week. The application deadline is Friday, April 12, 2024 by 4 PM. Only fully completed applications will be processed

Summer Teen Application [PDF]

Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Volunteers round in the ICU to visit patients and family members. Their goal is to provide comfort through uplifting words and active listening, as well as to encourage ICU family members to attend the weekly ICU Support Group meetings held on Tuesdays. 

Team Active 

Volunteers participating in the Team Active program visit patients and patient families in their rooms with the goal of meeting their needs on the spot if possible. Through brief visits, volunteers converse with patients, educating them the importance of staying active during their hospital stay. The Team Active program incorporates elements of fall prevention and delirium prevention with the aim of increasing patient safety and overall satisfaction. 

Pet Therapy 

Beyond providing a heartwarming visit, our Pet Therapy program helps to boost the morale of patients, visitors, and staff members. Visits with therapy pets have been proven to provide stimulation for conversation, increase energy levels, and improve overall patient satisfaction. Therapy dogs at Houston Methodist West Hospital are certified through Faithful Paws. 

OR Supply Chain

Volunteers serve in the surgical supply room by helping staff with organizing supplies and checking to make sure that all equipment is up to date. 

Readmission Program

Volunteers visit and call patients ready to be discharged and assist them with scheduling a follow-up appointment with their physician before they leave the hospital. 

Clerical Support

Volunteers assist many different departments in our hospital, including human resources, marketing, health information, quality and safety, and the cancer center with clerical projects such as making packets, filing an delivering items. 

Chaplaincy Care

Chaplaincy Care volunteers are an extension of our Spiritual Care Department. Volunteers support staff chaplains in providing comfort to patients and families during critical situations. 

CanCare Program

CanCare volunteers support patients with all types and stages of cancer during their stay with us. They share a wealth of information covering available resources and support services. 

Mended Hearts Program

Mended Hearts volunteers provide specific support to our cardiac patients. During patient visits, volunteers share information, how to access resources, and as former heart patients themselves, listen to patient and family concerns. They lead the Mended Hearts Support Group, which is designed to support heart healthy lifestyles after one's procedure and meets every third Thursday of the month. 

Music Performance Opportunities

Musicians perform throughout our hospital to provide comfort to patients, visitors, and staff. Prospective music volunteers must showcase their skill prior to being selected to volunteer within the hospital. Volunteers are selected on an as-needed basis. 


At-Home Volunteer Program

Our At-Home Volunteer program is for individuals who are interested in assisting the hospital in a volunteer capacity from home. This program consists of making donations for patients in exchange for service hours. If requested, these hours can be tracked and documentation can be provided. All donations must be in brand new packaging. Please view this document for details.  

For more information, visit our Frequently Asked Questions.