The Lenny C. Katz Chair in Health Outcomes and Quality

The family of Jerold B. Katz became devoted to quality and patient safety through a tragedy. In 1988, just two months after graduating from Tulane University, Lenny C. Katz suffered severe head trauma in a single car accident. It left the then-21-year-old in a semi-conscious state. Lenny is still alive today, 27 years later, as a result of the dedication and commitment of his family and the physicians and staff at Houston Methodist. Following the accident, Lenny and his family spent nearly two years at Houston Methodist, working closely with physicians and staff. This work gave insight to the family and taught them the importance of providing quality medical care in a compassionate, safe and dignified environment.

Houston Methodist has been deeply honored by the generous support from the Jerold B. Katz Family. The Lenny C. Katz Chair in Health Outcomes and Quality honors one of Houston Methodist's longtime stalwart physicians, Stuart M. Dobbs, MD. At the Lenny C. Katz Lecture on May 22, 2014, Dr. Dobbs spoke on Houston Methodist’s leadership and work in health outcomes, safety and quality. The Katz family has also lent its support to Dale Hamilton, MD, a longstanding and highly respected Houston Methodist physician. The Katz family gifts have improved coordination and communication of health information for individuals living with chronic illness. Additionally, the Katz family supports Mitochondrial Research that seeks to shed light on the processes by which large organs, such as the heart and brain, “power up.” 

The Jerold B. Katz family has turned its adversity and struggle into a devoted quest for knowledge, better treatments and better outcomes for Lenny, their son and brother, and for other patients. It is a journey that continues today and it is one that is both remarkable and inspiring.

Houston Methodist continuously partners with community leaders and volunteers to host signature events, such as the Lenny C. Katz Lecture. These activities cover a variety of specialties and interests, all focused on leading medicine and advancing care for our patients. Houston Methodist is dedicated to raising the bar for health care, not only for our community but also for the world by pioneering new approaches to medical treatment. By spreading the word and getting involved, you can join participants and supporters who are making a difference.