Employment at Houston Methodist offers physicians the freedom to return to practicing medicine while our administration handles financial, revenue cycle, quality operations, and other administrative duties.
Specialty Physicians

Houston Methodist Specialty Physician Group (HMSPG) is an integral part of Houston Methodist, one of the nation’s leading academic medical centers. Established as a nonprofit corporation certified by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners, the specialty physician group enables physicians to maintain autonomy with respect to clinical practice while growing their practice within an academic environment. These specialists not only provide excellent clinical care, but are on the forefront of research, developing leading-edge technologies and treatments, and teaching the medical pioneers of tomorrow. This combination of clinical service, research and academics ensures patients have access to the latest in treatments and technologies providing the best in comprehensive patient care. 

The backbone of HMSPG is strong physician leadership. With the support of Houston Methodist, these singular leaders continually advance their vision for HMSPG, working passionately to lead medicine. Some of the fruits of their dedication include six Centers of Excellence and over 70 storefronts throughout the Greater Houston area.

Primary Care Physicians

Houston Methodist has long recognized the importance of a strong primary care network. Historically, our primary care physicians were part of our specialty physician group. While this established a robust relationship between primary and specialty care providers, we envisioned something different: an independent organization designed specifically for primary care physicians, led by primary care physicians.

Houston Methodist Primary Care Group (HMPCG) began in March 2013 in response to this desire to have a Houston Methodist entity solely dedicated to primary care. With strong physician leadership as our goal, the board consists entirely of our doctors, with board members representing each region.

From the beginning, our physician leadership wanted to ground HMPCG in the community. This vision has influenced virtually every aspect of our growth, including location planning and marketing and business development strategies. We are developing hubs that will house primary care providers in addition to specialists, physical therapists, and lab and imaging services in convenient, community-based locations.

We’re also exploring different quality initiatives designed to provide our patients with the highest level of care. Several of our practices have qualified as Patient Centered Medical Homes, and we intend to expand this program. In addition, our physicians have participated in population health programs, starting with our own Houston Methodist employees. We are entrusting the health of our most important asset—our employees—to the physicians we believe are the best equipped to provide high-quality care: members of Houston Methodist Primary Care Group. 

For physicians who feel employment is not quite right for them, Houston Methodist also offers an alignment option. Learn more about alignment opportunities.