Physician and Provider Engagement and Resiliency Program

Doctors Group

At Houston Methodist unparalleled safety and quality are our highest priorities. To best take care of our patients, our workforce must also be physically, mentally and spiritually well. Houston Methodist is committed to the well-being of all members of the health care team.


The Houston Methodist Physician and Provider Engagement and Resiliency program coordinates efforts across the hospital system to address clinician well-being and resiliency. The program implements a dual approach which strives to both assist the provider in their wellness journey and work to mitigate challenges of the health care system. Houston Methodist initiatives include:


  • Investing in physician leadership development
  • Developing high functioning, multidisciplinary care teams
  • Creating a positive work environment and community
  • Using LEAN methodology to optimize workflows and processes
  • Providing clinicians with tools and skills to cultivate mindfulness, resiliency, self-care and compassion
  • Monitoring and bench marking well-being and resiliency trends and outcomes
  • Leading research to better understand burnout as an occupational phenomena


This program is a collaborative and steering body that coordinates system efforts to address clinician burnout and resiliency. It is guided by Houston Methodist’s I CARE values of integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence. These values provide the foundation for the program’s mission, which is to:


  • Assure use of a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to clinician well-being
  • Identify areas needing further research
  • Evaluate and prioritize strategic initiatives