A renewed agreement between Houston Methodist St. John Hospital and Dickinson Independent School District Athletics extends their successful long-term partnership to 2022.

As the Official Health Care Provider for Dickinson ISD Athletics, Houston Methodist St. John Hospital provides sports medicine services, including licensed athletic trainers and support staff, as well as physician sideline coverage for varsity football games. “Houston Methodist St. John Hospital has a long history supporting our students and our athletic programs,” said Vicki Mims, Superintendent of Schools, Dickinson ISD. “Our new six-year agreement will provide continuity of care for our young athletes and enhance our athletic training and competitive edge.”

As a team physician for Dickinson High School, Dr. Jason Leaseburg says he enjoys supporting the athletes. “Orthopedic sports injuries are very common among athletes,” Dr. Leaseburg said. “The ability to immediately assess an injury and begin treatment on the playing field can help to improve an athlete’s condition and outcome.” 

For nearly 20 years, Houston Methodist St. John Hospital has provided a contracted athletic trainer to work with Dickinson High School and junior high school students. Jenna Tubbs is a licensed athletic trainer who’s been serving these students since 1998.  

“Over the years, I have built relationships with so many of the athletes I’ve treated,” Tubbs says. “Many of them still call me when they sustain injuries, even after they have graduated. Our licensed athletic trainers provide many services for our athletes – including preventive taping, training techniques and rehabilitation post-injury. And our athletic training facilities are state-of-the-art. These services are beneficial for the athletes, and cost-saving for parents and the school district as well.” 

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