Our Doctors

The neurologists of Houston Methodist Specialty Physician Group demonstrate the highest standards of clinical and academic excellence. Our doctors are committed to delivering the best in patient care by identifying new ways to diagnose neurological disease, by advancing methods for treating previously untreatable diseases, and by providing unique insights into effective treatments for such disorders as stroke, epilepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and other neuromuscular diseases.

Mohammad Al Baeer, MD
Stanley H. Appel, MD
Tetsuo Ashizawa, MD
Laura B. Bonds, MD
Leanne Burnett, MD
Veronica J. Burton, PhD
David Chiu, MD
Howard S. Derman, MD
Kasey Gildersleeve, MD
Julia L. Jones, MD
Eugene Lai, MD, PhD
Carisa Liew, DO
Joseph C. Masdeau, MD, PhD
Brooke N. McQueen, MD
Amy Naquin-Chappel, MD
Eddie Patton, MD
Milvia Y. Pleitez, MD
Kenneth Podell, PhD
Gustavo C. Román, MD
David Rosenfield, MD
Ericka Simpson, MD
Bryan M. Spann, DO, PhD
Ron Tintner, MD
Larry Tran, MD
Amit Verma, MD
Akhila Vijayakumar, MD
John J. Volpi, MD
Olga Waln, MD
Toby Yaltho, MD