GLobal Learner Testimonies 

At Houston Methodist Global we are proud to continue a long standing tradition of talented learners from all over the globe. We value our learners and our learners often want to share their experience. Here is what they have to say: 


"An intense and comprehensive deep dive that lets you know how far you can go."

Jorge  Lopez, Managing to Engage and Inspire participant

CEO San Jose Hospital



"Provides exposure to a unique patient population and learning from top leaders in the field with a unique way of thinking and a new view of patient care and immense value of exposure to a different culture."  

Imad Btaiche 

Dean, School of Pharmacy

Lebanese American University, Lebanon 


"The staff at Houston Methodist were extremely welcoming and supportive. Our students revealed that it was a remarkable and wonderful learning experience for them, and they returned home feeling positively inspired and empowered in their field of study."

Polly Li 

Assistant Professor 

The Nethersol School of Nursing 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong 


"A month of intense professional learning with many opportunities for activities, experiences and discussions with the team. Staff willing to help me when needed, highlighting Christiane Perme as mentor, PT Rajashere and PTA Ana as support in my great experience."

Jessica Gonzalez 

Physical Therapy in Acute Care 

Hans Dieter Shmidt Regional Hospital, Brazil