Cancer Nanovaccine Game

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The Cancer Nanovaccine Game is an educational tool developed by the Center for Immunotherapeutic Transport Oncophysics of the National Cancer Institute at the Houston Methodist Research Institute. The educational game has five levels illustrating the assembly of a cancer nanovaccine (level 1), the uptake of the nanovaccine by dendritic cells (level 2), dendritic cell-mediated activation of T cells in the lymph nodes (level 3), T cell transport from the lymphatic system to the tumor (level 4), and T cell-mediated killing of cancer cells (level 5). This game is intended for educational outreach to teach the principles and science behind nanovaccine research conducted at Houston Methodist. Questions should be addressed to: Aaron Santos.

Download the game

The Nano Vaccine Game was created using the Godot Engine version 3.2. The recommended hardware is Windows 7 or newer, macOS 10.10 or newer, Linux  (64-bit or 32-bit x86) Hardware supporting OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile.

  1. Download from the provided DropBox link and extract it to an empty directory of your choosing.
  2. Download the latest version of the Godot game engine, which can be found here:
  3. Open the Godot executable file downloaded in step #2
  4. Select "Import" from the Godot menu. Navigate to the directory you selected in step #1, and then open the folder "2 - Prod". Open the file named project.godot. This will open the source code for the Nano Vaccine Game within the Godot game engine. 



PATIENT ADVOCACY: Anne Meyn AND Ashley Dedmon

GRAPHIC/GAME DESIGN: Aaron Santos, Oscar Wacker-Lackaff, AND Mohamed Hassan

MUSIC: Royalty Free Music from Bensound

ADMINISTRATIVE SUPPORT: Maricela Ramirez, Christy Le, Taliya Perera

SPECIAL THANKS: Tarek R. Fadel, PhD, Brody P. Viveiros, and Zachary C. Viveiros

FUNDING: National Cancer Institute, USA (U54CA210181)