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Guodong Zhang, PhD

Instructor, Institute for Academic Medicine
Instructor, Research Institute
Houston Methodist

Investigation of parameters that determine Nano-DC vaccine transport
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DNA Thioaptamer with Homing Specificity to Lymphoma Bone Marrow Involvement
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A novel DNA aptamer for dual targeting of polymorphonuclear myeloid-derived suppressor cells and tumor cells
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Bone-targeting nanoparticle to co-deliver decitabine and arsenic trioxide for effective therapy of myelodysplastic syndrome with low systemic toxicity
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A chloroquine-induced macrophage-preconditioning strategy for improved nanodelivery
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An injectable nanoparticle generator enhances delivery of cancer therapeutics
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Sublingual injection of microparticles containing glycolipid ligands for NKT cells and subunit vaccines induces antibody responses in oral cavity
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Bone marrow endothelium-targeted therapeutics for metastatic breast cancer
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Multistage Vectored siRNA Targeting Ataxia-Telangiectasia Mutated for Breast Cancer Therapy
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Enhancing chemotherapy response with sustained EphA2 silencing using multistage vector delivery
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Receptor-mediated transcytosis: A mechanism for active extravascular transport of nanoparticles in solid tumors
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The degradation and clearance of Poly(N-hydroxypropyl-l-glutamine)-DTPA-Gd as a blood pool MRI contrast agent
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Photothermal-chemotherapy with doxorubicin-loaded hollow gold nanospheres: A platform for near-infrared light-trigged drug release
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Cooperative, nanoparticle-enabled thermal therapy of breast cancer
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Multifunctional, multimodality cancer imaging with water-soluble synthetic polymer nanoparticles
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Tumor site-specific silencing of NF-?B p65 by targeted hollow gold nanosphere-mediated photothermal transfection (Cancer Research (2010) 70, (3177-3188) DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-09-3379)
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Tumor site-specific silencing of NF-?B p65 by targeted hollow gold nanosphere-mediated photothermal transfection
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Exceptionally high payload of doxorubicin in hollow gold nanospheres for near-infrared light-triggered drug release
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Nanoparticle formulated alpha-galactosylceramide activates NKT cells without inducing anergy
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Influence of anchoring ligands and particle size on the colloidal stability and in vivo biodistribution of polyethylene glycol-coated gold nanoparticles in tumor-xenografted mice
Zhang, G, Yang, Z, Lu, W, Zhang, R, Huang, Q, Tian, M, Li, L, Liang, D & Li, C 2009, Biomaterials, vol. 30, no. 10, pp. 1928-1936.

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