Our Team

Alessandro Grattoni, PhD 
Chair, Department of Nanomedicine 
Associate Professor of Nanomedicine
Email: agrattoni@houstonmethodist.org

Department of Nanomedicine Members 

Mauro Ferrari, PhD
Ernest Cockrell Jr. Presidential Distinguished Chair
President & CEO, Houston Methodist Research Institute 
Director and Professor of Nanomedicine, 
Institute for Academic Medicine 
Executive Vice President, Houston Methodist

Elvin Blanco, PhD 
Assistant Research Professor in Nanomedicine 

Biana Godin, PhD, MScPharm 
Assistant Professor of Nanomedicine

Milos Kojic, PhD 
Professor of Nanomedicine

Xuewu Liu, PhD 
Associate Professor of Nanomedicine 

Lidong Qin, PhD
Associate Professor of Nanomedicine

Haifa Shen, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Nanomedicine 

Kenji Yokoi, MD, PhD
Assistant Member of Nanomedicine 

Arturas Ziemys, PhD
Assistant Professor in Nanomedicine

Affiliate Members

Amy Shen, PhD
Full Affiliate Member

Administrative Staff
Fabiola Cantu- Academic Coordinator (Pre-award)

Trinh Ma- Academic Coordinator (Human Resources)
Lisa Rose- Academic Coordinator (Faculty Affairs)
Crystal Morgan- Senior Academic Coordinator

Taliya Perera- Financial Analyst

Maricela Ramirez- Research Operations Manager

Nitin Warier - Research Operations Manager