PS-OC Projects & Cores

The Center for Transport Oncophysics (CTO) articulates into three tightly integrated projects under the unifying theme of the quest for a gaining a deeper understanding of the multi-scale differentials in transport properties that accompany — and, in several ways, define — the evolution of malignancies. These differentials manifest themselves with the emergence or the modulation of pathology-associated biophysical and biological barriers to transport. The operational corollary to the unifying basic science theme of this proposed CTO is the quest for innovative, physical science-based methodologies that afford the exploitation of these differentials for improved diagnostics and treatment of cancer.


Project 1: Directed transport physics and multi-scale therapy of colon cancer liver metastasis 
Project Leaders: Mauro Ferrari, PhD, Biana Godin Vilentchouk, PhD

Project 2: Non-invasive radio-frequency field induced thermal destruction of malignant cells in human hepatocellular cancer
Project Leaders: Steven Curley, MD and Lon Wilson, PhD 

Project 3: Genomic correlates of mass transport differentials
Project Leaders: Neal Copeland, PhD, Nancy Jenkins, PhD
Investigators: Eugene Koay, MD, PhD and Karen Mann, PhD


Each of the three projects is supported by the following cores:

  • Core 1: BioMathematics Core. Core Leaders: Vittorio Cristini, PhD and Paolo Decuzzi, PhD 
  • Core 2: Advanced Intravital Microscopy Core. Core Leader: Seok H. (Andy) Yun, PhD 
  • Core 3: Orthotopic Tumor Models.