PS-OC CTO Education

At the center, we provide ongoing educational and training opportunities so our professionals can expand their knowledge of cancer transport physics.

Workshop: Intravital Microscopy Nanoparticle Dynamics in Real-time
Intravital microscopy (IVM) — the direct visualization of nanoparticle dynamics within live animals — can offer invaluable insights into the mechanisms that drive the delivery, uptake and treatment response for nanotherapeutics. Explore our facility and its capabilities; the contact is Laboratory Manager Enrica De Rosa, PhD, at 713.441.7408.

Project: Develop Therapeutic Nanotechnology Cancer Treatments
We are focusing on the study of a coordinated, fundamental subset of all active bio-barriers in cancer in order to design and develop therapeutic nanotechnologies for cancer treatment. We will be using information gained from our three cores and three projects, but we intend to supplement this knowledge through our through our pilot and outreach pilot project programs. These projects are funded for one year; learn more about it from Project Manager Mona Bisase at 713.441.4889.

Video Series: Discover the Tools for Nanomedicine
In this video series on nanomedical tools, you can watch Ciro Chiappini, PhD, explain transmission electron microscopy (or read about it in this PDF version) or watch as Anne L. van de Ven, PhD, illuminates real-time Intravital Microscopy for optimization of nanotherapeutics delivery to tumors.

Education Opportunities
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