Department of Nanomedicine

The Department of Nanomedicine focuses on interdisciplinary research by combining nanoengineering, mathematical modeling and biomedical sciences to develop nanotechnology-enabled therapeutic and diagnostic platforms for combating diseases including cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases. Our research spans a wide range of areas including personalized nanochannel drug delivery systems, injectable nanovectors that achieve desired therapeutic concentrations in target tissue, discovery of new protein biomarkers through proteomics, developing biodegradable synthetic polymers with the biological functions of natural biomaterial scaffolds, and microfluidics for disease diagnostics.

Remote-Controlled Drug Delivery Implant May Help Chronic Disease Management

Houston Methodist scientists led by Alessandro Grattoni, PhD, successfully delivered dosages of chronic disease medications using a nanochannel delivery system controlled remotely via Bluetooth technology. Learn More>

Department of Nanomedicine Chair

Alessandro Grattoni, PhD
Professor of Nanomedicine, Academic Institute
Chair, Department of Nanomedicine
Houston Methodist

Space Study Focuses on Potential Biomedical, Aerospace Applications

carbon fiber

Houston Methodist researchers are test-driving Lamborghini's carbon fiber materials in space. Learn more>


Department of Nanomedicine
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