Current Fellows


Photo of Aneesh Dhore, MD

Aneesh Dhore, MD
2-year CMR/CT-PET
Case Western Reserve Univ.- Metro Health (IM)
Tulane Univ. Sch of Med. (CARD)
*CVI Chief Fellow*

Photo of Alba Munoz Estrella, MD

Alba Munoz Estrella, MD
 2-year CMR/Echo
Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital (IM & CARD)

Photo of Vivek Modi, MD

Vivek Modi, MD
 2-year CMR/CT-PET
Mount Sinai St. Luke's & Mount Sinai West (IM)
St. Luke's University Health Network (CARD)

Photo of Rabel Rameez, MBBS

Rabel Rameez, MBBS
 1-year CT/NUC
Cleveland Clinic Foundation (IM)
Univ. of Michigan (CARD)

Photo of Mohammad Abu-Sheikha, MD

Mohammad Abu-Sheikha, MD
1-year CMR
Rochester Regional Health (CARD & IM)

Rasha Bazari, MD

Rasha N. Bazari, MD
1-year Advanced Echo
Henry Ford Health System (IM & CARD)

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