Message from the Director

Ericka P. Greene, MD, MACM
Dear Applicants, 

I am pleased to welcome you to the Neurology Residency Program at Houston Methodist Hospital. We are proud of the quality training that is provided and the caliber of our current resident trainees. Much of what makes Houston Methodist ranked among the top institutions for neurology training is the patient population, the faculty, and its leading role in making advances in translational research and treatment.

Houston Methodist Hospital is located in the world’s largest medical center in one of the most diverse cities in United States. Based on its location, its collaborative reach extends far beyond the limit of its walls. There is an extensive collaborative network between physicians, researchers, and institutions that provides great opportunities for trainees in all aspects of neurology, including medical care, research, and academics. 

The departmental faculty has over fifty cumulative years of experience training and mentoring residents, fellows, and post-doctoral graduates who have become heads of departments, industry, and research worldwide. Under a legacy of leaders and giants in neurology, our residents  excel beyond the standards of core knowledge and clinical practice. Our program is strengthened by a cadre of diverse faculty  who cover the breadth of neurology including neurodegenerative diseases, vascular neurology, epilepsy/sleep medicine, neuromuscular medicine, movement disorders, and spasticity, pain/headache, language disorders, and neuroimmunology. Trainees also have formal experiences with other noteworthy faculty in neurosurgery neuro-oncology, neuro-ophthalmology, neuro ICU, physical medicine and rehabilitation, psychiatry, pediatric neurology, and a host of formal and non-formal elective experiences. Thus, our residents experience a well-rounded training at Houston Methodist which establishes a strong foundation in neurology and opportunities to build upon that foundation in specific area(s) of interest.

The mission of the Neurological Institute is to not only push advances in patient care and education but also translational research. The institution is committed to supporting and sponsoring independent and collaborative research in a wide variety of areas. This has led to the granting of opportunities for faculty, fellows, and residents to build careers in research as independent investigators and even develop novel tracks in training to meet unmet needs in care.

This mission is not limited to faculty but is incorporated into the structure of the residency program. Residents are required to participate research during their training to enhance their ability to critique and apply data as well as develop and scientific approach to their practice and patients. Residents are provided certified training in research methods and ethics and gain valuable experience and exposure to the scientific method, data analysis, and grant and paper. It also provides a starting point for those residents who are interested in academic-research career paths. In accord, our graduates have a 100% first-time neurology board pass rate and have been very successful in obtaining the practice or fellowship of choice upon graduation.

In conclusion, the Houston Methodist Neurology Residency program provides a training experience that fully encompasses all aspects of neurology in an atmosphere that supports and encourages initiative, scholarship, and success.

Thank you for your interest in our program. For those planning to apply, please refer to the Eligibility & Application section of our website for specific information. Interviews will be offered to those applicants with an impressive record of academic performance and recommendations which clearly affirm the candidate’s caliber.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Ericka P. Greene, MD, MACM
Neurology Residency Program Director