Rotations & Didactic Lectures 

The neuroimaging fellow needs to dedicate 12 months to neuroimaging in order to be certified by the United Council of Neurological Subspecialties. However, these 12 months need not be continuous. Some flexible arrangements include:


  • Combining neuroimaging training with training in other subspecialties of neurology, such as stroke, movement or inflammation disorders or cognitive neurology. At Houston Methodist, we have vascular neurology (AUPN-certified), cognitive neurology and neuromuscular fellowships.

  • Completing the fellowship on a part-time basis, with a flexible daily schedule. The fellow will need to complete the time equivalent to a one full-time year of training.

Block Rotations (First Six Months)
July August September October November December
General Neuroimaging General Neuroimaging Stroke Stroke Neuro-oncology Neuro-oncology
Block Rotations (Second Six Months)
January February March April May June
Epilepsy Epilepsy Neuro-ophthalmology Neuro-ophthalmology Elective Elective
Longitudinal Experiences
Type of experience Time commitment per week Number of weeks per year Amount of time in months
Imaging of neurodegenerative disorders 7 hours per week 48 2 months
Neuroimaging Research 5 hours per week 48 1 and ½ months
Didactic Lectures
Description Frequency Mandatory? Who attends?
Neuroimaging Review Daily Yes Fellows
Departmental Noon Neuroimaging Conference Weekly Yes Fellows, residents, medical students
Neuroimaging Research Meeting Weekly Yes Fellows
Neuroimaging Webinar Weekly Yes Fellows
Journal Club Weekly Yes Fellows, residents
Neurosurgical Conference Weekly No Fellows
CT, MRI, PET, and SPECT: Applied physics and  technical aspects Monthly Yes Fellows
Neuropathology Conference Monthly Yes Fellows