Our Fellows

General Infectious Disease Fellows 

Ramya Pakala, MD

Ramya is interested in the challenges faced by immunocompromised individuals and their vulnerability to severe and persistent infections that add a layer of complexity to the understanding of infectious diseases.

Ramya enjoys creating oil paintings on canvas and traveling in her free time.
Dawn Adams, MD

Dawn is interested in clinical and global health and recently expressed an interest in immunocompromised.

Dawn likes to travel to tropical places, sing and dance when no one is looking, saltwater fish with her husband, and spend time with her grandchildren.

Transplant and Oncology Infectious Disease Fellowship 

Alfonso Hernande Acosta, MD

Alfonso is interested in fungal infections and infections in lung transplant, BMT and CAR-T! .

Alfonso enjoys cooking, reading, learning to play guitar and trying new restaurants in his free time. He loves dogs, sushi and Mexican food.