Case Study: Health Note


Health Note Simplifies Processes for Patients and Providers

The Challenge

Houston-based technology incubator TMCx is designed to help startup tech companies develop solutions for health care. Two technologists in the program identified an opportunity to use text messaging to improve patient experiences: notably with the lengthy intake questionnaire. By eliminating this time-consuming (and often redundant) process, it frees up the clinic’s time for improved patient care and face-to-face interaction.  

The Solution

Health Note sends a text message to the patient to begin the intake process. A series of automated messages walks the patient through “clipboard” questions, including personal information and health history. The patient can complete the whole intake form before the appointment.


The information is then entered as a “note” for the provider, giving the provider a leg up on his or her documentation. This saves the physician the time of reentering the information, allowing more time to spend with the patient. The information entered into the note is dynamic ― it can be changed and added to ― as opposed to the current method of scanning in a photo of the handwritten form.

The Pilot

Houston Methodist Center for Innovation identified three clinics to pilot the technology in the field: primary care, same-day access and specialty care clinics. Since the product is being tested with real patients and providers, the disruption has to be minimal.  

The Results

Success for this product will be measured by improved documentation and increased patient and provider satisfaction.

What's Next?

The team took a minimum viable product (MVP) approach to begin testing functionality. For instance, the process of entering the information as a “note” in the medical record is still a manual cut and paste. If the product is a success, the team will automate this process.