Our Strategy

Innovation Is Integrated

The Center for Innovation at Houston Methodist is part of a larger Innovation Network that encompasses many areas of our clinical and research practice. 


Innovation Is Everyone's Responsibility

From the C-suite to the ground floor, we encourage a spirit of innovation at Houston Methodist. This means empowering our teams to bring ideas forward and continuously look for opportunities to innovate throughout the whole organization.

Innovation Is Transformative

Innovation really matters when it has significant impact—so we look for opportunities to transform the way we conduct business and how we deliver health care.

Innovation Is Research and Development

We embrace new technologies and new ideas, and experiment with pilot programs and beta tests until we find the right technology for the desired solution.

Innovation Is Agile

Our model for innovation is based on the agile software development method that favors a fast, iterative approach to bring solutions to market faster than previous development approaches.


We apply the agile approach to innovation through the use of testing, pilot programs, nimble processes and a fast-to-succeed/fast-to-fail philosophy.