Neurosurgery research labs

Center for Translational Neural Prosthetics and Interfaces

In collaboration with Rice Neuroengineering Initiative
Co-director: Gavin Britz, MD 
Co-director: Behnaam Aazhang, ECEE

Cerebrovascular/Memory/CSF Research Lab

Principal Investigator: Gavin W. Britz, MBBCh, MPH, MBA, FAANS
Co-investigator: Eugene Golanov MD, PhD
Co-investigator: Angelique Regnier-Golanov PhD

Neuromodulator Recovery Lab
Principal Investigator: Dimitry Sayenko, MD, PhD

Neural Electrokinetics Lab
Principal Investigator: Amir H. Faraji, MD, PhD


Neuroregeneration Laboratories

Center for Neuroregeneration Labs

Director: Philip J. Horner, PhD

Neuroplasticity & Repair Lab 
Principal Investigator: Philip J. Horner, PhD

Astrocellular Therapeutics Lab
Principal Investigator: Robert C. Krencik, PhD

Brain-Periphery Lab
Principal Investigator: Sonia Villapol, PhD

Neuroepigenetics Lab
Principal Investigator: Yi Lan Weng, PhD

Neurodegeneration & Brain Hemorrhage Lab
Principal Investigator: Muralidhar L. Hegde, PhD, Fellow-ABAP

Glioblastoma and Brain Metastasis Research Lab
Principal Investigator: Robert Rostomily, MD


Peak Research Laboratories
Peak Brain & Pituitary Treatment Center Research Labs

Director: David S. Baskin, MD, FACS, FAANS

Targeted Cancer Treatment Lab
Principal Investigator: Martyn A. Sharpe, PhD

Tumor Metabolomics Lab
Principal Investigator: Kumar Pichumani, PhD

Onco-magnetics Initiative Lab
Principal Investigator: Santosh Helekar, MD, PhD 

Pituitary Tumor Lab
Principal Investigator: Omkar Ijare, PhD

Tumor DNA Damage and Repair Lab
Principal Investigator: Shashank Hambarde, PhD