PS-OC CTO Core 3

With the progress of the Physical Sciences – Oncology Center (PSOC) activities, there is clear need for a centralized core for models that can support projects and cores. This core was initiated in 2011 to provide services for the establishment of orthotopic tumor models.

Core 3 is providing orthotopic models using various types of cancer cells to collaborate with the project investigators in Project 1. The core is also establishing liver metastasis models not only of colon cancer (KM12SM, human colon cancer; CT26, murine colon cancer), but also lung cancer (3LL, murine lung cancer; PC14, human lung cancer), breast cancer (4T1, murine breast cancer), pancreatic cancer (L3.6pl human pancreatic cancer) and melanoma (K1735 and B16, murine melanoma).

Core Leaders
Biana Godin-Vilentchouk, PhD (Houston Methodist Research Institute — Houston, Texas)