Center for Health Data Science & Analytics

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The Center for Health Data Science & Analytics (HDSA) is a data service center comprised of data scientists, data analysts, and statisticians who work with clinicians and researchers to:

  • Explore,
  • Collate,
  • Harmonize, and
  • Analyze data from multiple sources and angles.



Stephen L. Jones, MD, MSHI         Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH

Director Co-Director



Jennifer Taylor, MBA

Research Administrator

Services We Provide

  • Research data pipeline development and maintenance
  • Workflow optimization, innovative tracking, predictive and advanced analytics, outcomes measures, and cost reduction for quality improvement & population health management
  • Statistical and advanced modeling techniques to different types of data
  • Coordinate with clinicians and in supporting developing recommendations, grants, manuscripts and presentations for a variety of audiences and stakeholders
  • Clinical and lab experimental design and data analyses using a unique expertise in mathematics and statistics
  • Developing and applying machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to biomedical data
  • Statistical power and sample size determination, inferential hypothesis testing, linear and non-linear programming, algorithm development and numerical methods, computational intelligence, data mining, creating databases in REDCap


How to Request Services

Data request portal coming soon! To submit a request in the meantime, please send an email to

Please note that data requests usually take 15 business days or longer to process, depending on the volume and complexity.