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Heart Failure Care Measures

How does Houston Methodist Hospital rank in the treatment of heart failure? The information linked to below shows how closely Houston Methodist follows recommended guidelines for heart failure treatment.
Source: Hospital Compare


Hospitals in Houston Methodist

  • TMHS
    Houston Methodist
  • TMH
    Houston Methodist Hospital
  • MSLH
    Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital
  • MWH
    Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital
  • SJMH
    Houston Methodist San Jacinto Hospital
  • MWHH
    Houston Methodist West Hosptial
  • HF-1
    Heart Failure Patients Given Discharge Instructions
  • HF-2
    Heart Failure Patients Given an Evaluation of Left Ventricular Systolic (LVS) Function
  • HF-3
    Heart Failure Patients Given ACE Inhibitor or ARB for Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction (LVSD)
  • HF-4
    Heart Failure Patients Given Smoking Cessation Advice/Counseling

Hospital Compare

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid created a consumer-oriented website called Hospital Compare, which allows you to compare hospitals across the nation using 26 quality measures. These 26 measures only concern heart attack, heart failure, pneumonia, and the prevention of surgical infections. Over 4,000 hospitals, including Houston Methodist Hospital, have voluntarily reported data on quality of care. Above you can see how Houston Methodist Hospital compares to the state and national average. Hospital Compare can be accessed at www.HospitalCompare.hhs.gov or at www.medicare.gov.

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