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Linda W. Moore, RD

Instructor in Surgery, Institute for Academic Medicine
Instructor, Research Institute
Houston Methodist


Ms. Moore received her undergraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition in 1975 and subsequently completed a dietetic certification program at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Memphis, Tennessee. She began her career in nephrology working with dialysis patients and was instrumental in developing individualized dialysis prescriptions based on kinetic modeling of urea. Abbreviated models of this system are now the standard in dialysis units. Ms. Moore has received numerous honors for her work including the Director’s Citation from the Healthcare Financing Administration Office of Clinical Standards and Quality for her contributions to the care of patients with end stage renal disease. She was also awarded the Joel D. Kopple Award for Renal Nutrition by the National Kidney Foundation and is a recipient of the President’s USA Freedom Core Volunteer Service Award for her work with the National Kidney Foundation and other volunteer services related to kidney disease and transplantation.

Description of Research

Ms. Moore coordinates clinical research studies involving renal disease and kidney transplant, specifically in the area of assessment methods and treatments for acute rejection.

Areas Of Expertise

Renal disease Kidney transplantation Acute rejection

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