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Resident Graduation Dinner 2020

holiday party 2020

Welcome Party 2020


Ranch Party at Dr. Blacklock’s

Uganda Spine Surgery Mission

Our residents have an opportunity to take an annual trip to Uganda to provide the best possible spine care to Ugandan patients afflicted by infectious, degenerative, traumatic and congenital spinal ailments.  In addition, the Mission will strive to provide a fertile environment for the education of those who serve these patients.

Faculty Awards

2021 – Paul Holman, MD

2020 – Todd Trask, MD

2019 – Brian Dalm, MD

2017 – Todd Trask, MD

2016 – Paul Holman, MD

2015 – Richard Simpson, MD

2014 – J. Bob Blacklock, MD

Faculty Teaching Excellence Award recognizes outstanding contributions to resident teaching nominated by our own residents.